Friday, March 28, 2008

Birthday Invite - First Sleepover!

Our oldest daughter is turning 9 next Saturday. I can't believe she is that old already! Every year since her first birthday we have had a party, except for last year. We usually do parties here at home with streamers, homemade decorations and balloons but last year she chose to have one friend spend the day with her and her daddy going bowling. This year we are having her first sleepover! YIKES! I hope it goes well. Initially I wanted a "sleepover" invitation but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. Ever since All In The Family came out, Megan has adored that set so when my friend Lorien (waving hi to her!) said I could borrow it, I knew I'd have to use it on the invites. I used some retired designer series paper from Stampin' Up! on the front and my Marvy Giga Scallop Oval. Very simple card but I really love how it turned out. Very fun yet girly at the same time. We are only inviting 4 girls to stay and in the inside of the card, all along the bottom I stamped different girls in Pretty In Pink ink. Not enough color to scream at you, but just enough to see the girls. I then used a Regal Rose marker and wrote the name of each girl next to the one that represented her. They were in a row straight across the bottom inside of the card. It turned out so cute! There are Cotton Candy Stickles on the dress and party hat of the girl on the front. Be praying for my survival a week from tonight as we have our first sleepover!


LorieR said...

This is adorable! I love the inside idea of the girls with their names under. I might have to borrow that. Did you save a sample? Here's my sleepover tip for you...the girls do NOT entertain themselves, they want to be entertained. I learned that the hard way! So have more 'things to do' ideas than you think you'll ever use. You might need them! So have fun and take pictures. (I always forget that.)

Lorien Clark said...

Good job Crystal! And her head and legs are even attached. I need some lessons from you.

Jana Emmert said...

Ha! Just wait, mine is 18. You won't believe how fast it happens. Love your invite! Lots of snacks, games and videos are my suggestions.