Saturday, September 30, 2006

SOOO Neglectful!

I can't believe it has been so long since I have added a post to my blog! I apologize! I recently decided to be a co-leader to my daughter's Brownie Troop. This is her first year and I have never been involved with scouting before. It has been taking alot of time and I have not spent any time stamping! BUT, tonight some friends are coming over and I will be working on my Christmas Card Stamp a Stack cards and some swaps for regionals. So, with any luck I will have posted back here shortly!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 11....

I have been thinking alot about this day. I hope you all have. I am remembering where I was and what I was doing when Clint called from work and said, "Are you watching T.V.?" I turned it on to the Today Show and saw it all happening. I was shocked. I didn't know what to say. I remember getting off the phone with him so I could sit in stunned silence and watch the remainder of the morning play out. Megan was 2 at the time and I remembering weeping for her. I remember being angry that I had brought a child into the world to live in a world where we were no longer safe. Clint and I have been watching the TV mini series The Road to 9-11 (I believe that is the title)and I am so frustrated with the events that led up to that terrible day. Frustrated that so many times our nation has been just teetering on the edge of some sort of terrorist attack and luckily it was stopped in time. When will our luck run out? It is so creepy to think that amoung us there are people who want us to die, want our innocent children to die, while we run to the grocery store, take the kids to the bus, go to church. My immediate question is, "How do things like this happen?" But I know the answer. Satan happens. He laughs each time that one of these evil people suceeds. As scary as the world we live in now is, I am so glad I have found the love of God and the peace He brings to me. Just last night Megan told me that at school they practiced a "lock down". We knew what it was about. It is for events like Columbine (another event Satan controlled). Our initial thought as parents is "Darn that public school for scaring our 2nd grader." But instantly Clint said, "I guess it is no different than our parents practicing for bomb raids in school." He's right, Satan has always been here but it seems so different when it is happening to your child. I told her that if she ever has to be in a lock down for real that there is one thing that is most important to remember. I expected her to say "Yes, Mrs. Stone says to keep quiet. That is the most important." But she didn't. She said "Yup, Jesus, Jesus is in my heart." I guess with all the fears we have as parents, we must be doing something right with our children.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Glitter and Ribbon Stamp a Stack

My Glitter and Ribbon Stamp a Stack is coming up September 16 at 10 am. Glitter and ribbon are my favorite embellishments to use on projects - they dress them up so nicely and take your art to the next level! We will be making a total of 10 cards at this stamp-a-stack for $15, with the incentive that if you place a $50 order, you get $10 off your order! CHA-CHING! 10 cards plus $50 worth of product for just $55!! You know you love me! Here is a card we will be doing at the stamp-a-stack. I completely CASED (copy and share everything) from another demonstrator on Splitcoaststampers, Lisa Alberding. I love, love, love pink and look----there is some glitter AND ribbon on this one! Hope to see you there.