Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"I Ate An Ornament"

HUH? Yup...that is what my 3 year old said to us last week. So we have these cute GLASS ornaments that look like peppermint candy...my husband and I were sitting in the livingroom in the back of the house when we heard her scream and come running to us. She was holding her mouth open and crying so I asked her, "Did you bite your tongue." She responded with, "NO, I ate an ornament." That's right. She found one of the peppermint ornaments and thought she would have a snack. She bit piece of glass off that was the size of an adult's thumb nail. She is fine, she had cuts in her mouth and we were able to get a few pieces out of her mouth but I can't be sure if she swallowed any at all. I'm sure if she did, it has exited her body by now. It seems funny now, but at the time I was quite nervous. This child is different from the other two in so many ways...let me say, neither of them ever ate an ornament.
Now, to the photo, I made these Christmas ornaments for gifts last year and they were so fun to make. I can't recall where I bought the tins from but I know you can get some from Maya Road...here is their website...http://www.mayaroad.com/new/newsite/index.html
I wish I could remember the size, but I can't recall. The hardest thing about making these was cutting the image out to the correct size for the inside of the tin. I used the set City of David from Stampin' Up! (it is retiring at the end of this month, so if you need to order it feel free to e-mail me). I water colored the images, closed up the tins and then using Sticky Strip and the True Thyme stitched ribbon from last year, I wrapped the ribbon around the seam where the top and bottom of the tin met. It was a fun gift to make and I think they turned out really cute too!

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