Saturday, May 31, 2008

So Little Time!

I can't believe it has been so long since I was able to stamp!! I seem to have very little free time and this month I have been very tired. I haven't laid down during the day to nap since my 4 year old was about 6 months old and I found myself laying on the couch several days this past week and a couple days the week before! But, I got happy mail last week! Some new release sets from C.C. Designs!! I have prepared one project so far but I can't show you until tomorrow. If you head over to the All That Scraps blog you can see some sneak peeks of one of the sets there! We were at the Toledo Zoo today. When our 4 year old potty trained (in September) we promised her a trip to see the elephants. No Zoo's in Michigan have elephants any longer so a trip to Toledo was in order. It isn't a bad drive, just 2 hours and as long as you aren't cringing at the amount of gas it takes to get there it is quite leisurely. So they saw the elephants and the polar bears (our 6 year old's favorite animal). We met some friends down there and had a wonderful day. Check back tomorrow for a sneak of a new set from CC Designs!

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