Thursday, May 01, 2008

"I Want Fabulous!"

If you have girls you know that line is from a song in High School Musical 2. The girl who sings it is named Sharpay and although her character is a terrible snob the song is fun! "All things fabulous, bigger and better is best."
This gal reminds me of Sharpay to some degree. This is Shari from one of Christine's newest sets - Glam Girlz. This set has 3 adorable girls in it, words and a stamp that looks like sparkles.
I know you can't see it in this post but I used a Stardust sparkle pen on the glasses and the ring she is wearing. I love this printed paper but I'm not sure who it is by. If you check out the ATS blog Christine may have it listed there. She sent the DT members "mini kits" of goodies and we had to use what was in the kit and nothing more (except ink). So all the goodies you see on this card were straight from ATS. I love the color combo and it didn't take long for this card to come together at all. I love the hair on Shari but wait till you see Gwenny...she's my favorite and she carries a purse which is perfect for my upcoming weekend. You'll have to stop by tomorrow to check her out.


diane (cookiestamper) said...

What fun paper- she looks great!

Lorien Clark said...

I love the card, but I want to know why the gal stick arms and full legs. The same question I have with the bellas that I have never been able to get answered. Why oh Why?? Hee hee!

Crystal said...

I don't know Lorien...I don't draw em I just stamp em.

Lorien Clark said...

Hee hee!

I won the owls Crystal!!!! I don't need to borrow your set after all.

the scrappy chick said...

Frankie is definately fabulous! And now you have that song stuck in my took forever to get it out :)