Saturday, September 06, 2008

My Pregnancies Never Looked Like This

Just once, I would have just liked ONE of my 4 pregnancies to look like this card does...soft, pretty, feminine...NOPE, not me! I am not complaining about weight gain, because I never gained more than about 27 lbs with my pregnancies, but from week 6 with ALL of them, I was vomitting like crazy (precisely why I didn't gain much, I LOST so much in the beginning, 20 lbs in 6 weeks with one of them!). I have never handled pregnancies deliveries were pretty good. Except for my last.
Anyway, enough about me, this is about Amy Rysavy! Give a shout out to her, and Christine. Christine asked if any of the DT members drew and apparently Amy does because she created this set with lots of pieces of clothing and a seperate set that includes great sentiments.
I used Pale Plum cardstock and this designer paper is from The Paper Studio.

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Lorien Clark said...

I love it! Great job Crystal!