Friday, August 08, 2008

Meet Olivia

If you haven't "met" Olivia yet, here she is! The other design team members have done an AWESOME job with set, you have to run to the All That Scraps gallery and check out the entries for today.
Olivia is part of a new line of stamps from C.C. Designs called Sugarplums and I happen to know there are more sets featuring Olivia and a friend coming soon! This card was made to match the one in the post below and all the supplies are the same...aren't they cute together?

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Kristine said...

OH MY GAWSH...I'm such a sucker for CUTE and both these cards are SCREAMING Cute all over them!! Those are THE cutest birds I've ever seen. Ya know, that Olivia reminds me a lot of those famous Magnolias...hmmmm, I think we're onto something HOT here!! Especially with the addition of some "friends" for her. I like where this is heading!! So, when exactly is this set released for purchase for the "rest of us"???