Thursday, June 19, 2008

Retirement List Chat....

Well, I have counted them up, I'm losing 19 total stamp sets (this includes 3 back ground stamps). Really this isn't high at all, last year I think it was near 30 sets! Now, which sets am I surprised are leaving? I'm CRUSHED to see that Peaceful Wishes will be retiring. I think this is my all time favorite set. I have used this set on Christmas cards for every year since it has come out. I know my customers love it as well because every time I demonstrate it someone buys it. Snowflake Spot is another one of those sets that I seem to sell a lot of. Unfrogettable hasn't gotten much use around my house lately but not because I don't think it is the most adorable set ever! As always I am looking forward to seeing the sets that will replace these but I will sure miss my Peaceful Wishes! Now we just have to wait to see the retiring accessory list!

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