Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine Bookmarks

A couple posts below I shared a card my 8 year old had made for her daddy who was sick. Now today I am sharing the Valentines my 5 year old and I created for her class party. Mom decided that bookmarks would be a fun Valentine to give out...I created a sample for her (on the far left standing up) and she did all the coloring and stamping of the hearts herself. I did the cutting and assembling. She wanted "cats for the girls and lions for the boys" so we used C.C. Designs stamp sets, Love Ya Lots and Love Ya Much. I couldn't make them too involved since she was going to be doing the stamping. She made 18 of these. I was pretty impressed she did them all! She was very particular too! Everytime she would get ready to do some more, she would lay out all the completed ones into a pattern and had to keep with the pattern...yellow face on one, black face on the next, and so on! You can tell she is a kindergartener learning about patterns!

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Lauren (mytime) said...

What a great V-day gift! They came out SO cute!