Monday, November 26, 2007

What Were/Are You Most Thankful For?

I know this is AFTER Thanksgiving, but I didn't get to the computer on Thanksgiving like I had wanted to so this is after the fact.....But I am really curious as to the top 5 things you are thankful for....leave me your list and you may get something in the mail if I draw your name! (No need for random number selectors around here because there won't be more than 5 posts anyway!!!)
The Top 5 Things I am Thankful for...
1- Jesus, honestly His presence in the lives of my husband and I have changed us in remarkable ways over the last 6 1/2 years.
2- A healthy marriage. Sure, sometimes my dh says really insentive things and acts like a big oaf, but he is a man. We have a marriage that was on the rocks for awhile but the last year God has worked miracles in each of us and we are so blessed to have a healthy marriage.
3- My children. OH yes, they drive me crazy, they have brought to the surface things in my personality that I wish were not there, but they are the greatest blessing! There is nothing like the feel of my youngest's hand in mine as we walk together. I love the smile on my middle daughter's face...ooooh that dimple in her chin melts me everytime, and my oldest is so much fun to talk to and watch her grow into her own person.
4. Our home and my husband's job. 2 years ago he was laid off for a few months and it was the scariest thing ever. Living in Michigan, I am always aware how lucky we are that he is employed and I am able to stay home to raise the girls.
5- Friends---Christian friends, stamping friends, friends you love like family...some of them even fit into mulitple categories. I can't imagine my life without friends!


LorieR said...

Oohh! Am I first?! Shhh...don't spread the word too much and maybe I'll finally have a chance to win something. ;)
I'm thankful for....
1. God's grace (I'm sure needing it)
2. My husband and children (I am just too lucky for words)
3. My family (those near and far...some are too far for my liking, but I know they are happy where they are at)
4. Health of my family (we've had our fair share of trying times but currently are coasting along!)
5. Quiet, snowy winter days (You know the have no where to go, the trees are white and heavy, the flakes are falling softly. Have you ever went outside and listened to the silence on a still winter night? It is amazingly peaceful.)
Can I throw in a #6? Non-fat vanilla lattes!! Hot or iced, they are pure YUM! :D

Lorien Clark said...

Let's see... I am thankful for:
1. My kids.
2. Our health.
3. Good friends.
4. I guess my husband
5. That we have jobs, even though it isn't always enough to keep up with everything...I hate that DH is commission based in a crappy economy.

Wait...Can I change number 4 to CHOCOLATE?

TracyM. said...

1. Husband and good family/friends
2. Health
3. Jobs -- we both still have one; although I just got word our company may have layoffs in February again :(
4. That I don't have to cook (DH does it all)
5. My DVR :)

CAKVD said...

Hello! Here is my list:
1. after 10 years of suffering from Crohn's Disease I am finally in remission and feel great
2. my daughter is happy, healthy, way too cute and smart as a whip
3. that I am able to be a SAHM. Our income decreased by 50% when I quit my job, but it was so worth it!!
4. that my cat purrs me to sleep every night
5. that I have a hobby that I love so much!
Cheryl KVD

SueB said...

top 5 things, eh?! for me and my family's:
1 - knowing that we're all here for and love one another
2 - health
3 - happiness
4 - security
5 - my DH's wonderful brewed cuppa amaretto-flavored coffee! yum! wink!

later, alligator!
- SueB of

Reality Show Reject said...

Well, I'm gonna take the comments to #6! I'm thankful for...
1. My health. Over the last 21 months, I've lost 219 pounds and received my health back.
2. My wonderful husband. He has supported me through a LOT and puts up with my wacky and crazy personality.
3. My friends and family (who do the same as DH)
4. I'm thankful that I have found a hobby that keeps me entertained and mellowed out (stamping and crafting).
5. My laptop and my DVR...completely ruined my life! For the better of course! Thanks for the chance to win a goodie!

Anonymous said...

1. God's love for me and everyone else
2. A family that cares
3. Friends I can count on
4. A warm place to sleep and food to eat
5. The little things that make me happy every day like a nice cup of tea at breakfast and a hug from my husband.

There are so many things in life that each of us has a reason to be thankful for. Thanks for reminding us to say thank you to the ones that matter the most in our lives.

Cathy said...

Great blog! I'll play for some mystery candy!
I'm thankful for....
1) God in my life.
2) Family and friends (To keep in line)
3) Blogland and SCS (I could get more reality stuff done, but love to surf and see all the creative and inspiring ideas)
4) Stamping (My family and friends really support my hobby...(obession).
5) Health (I am grateful for our family's health. I know that there are other that have it worst then us at there and I pray for them too.)
Thanks for a chance.

tyrymom29 said...

IM most thankfull for My children ,family , friends without them I wouldnt be who I am today !!! And without Faith We all wouldnt be who we are !!!

Peggy Maier said...

Lots of reasons to be thankful!
Some of the top ones are:
1. God - & His gift of salvation through Jesus!
2. Husband - even though our marriage isn't perfect, he's a really good guy all in all
3. Family - I'm really blessed!
4. Friends - including all my on-line friends.
5. Church Family - so many great people, all encouraging each other as we grow in faith

Jan Scholl said...

1.thankful for heating pads formy achy bones.
2.thankful for garlic to keep away the vampires
3.thankful for the internet to keep the bills paid on time.
4.thankful for knowing the days will get longer again soon.
5.thankful for being able to run

Amie said... got more than 5 commenters. ;)

Thankful for family, the gospel, health, friends, good weather, green arrows, chocolate, trampolines, Johnny Depp, and so much more. ;)

Tejal said...

Hey you got more than 5, looks like you'll need the Random number..
I'm thankful for a lot of things..especailly since this is the most trying period of my life so far..
1.I'm thankful that even when my heart is broken, i'm finding new strength in myself.
2.God's grace and guiding wisdom
3.My friends who are my constant source of strength throughout this ordeal.
4.renewed faith..i keep losing it and God keeps reminding me of it. brother and my family.

Thanks for letting these words out. sometimes we dont' appreciate the little things that really count.

~*~Sandra~*~ said...

I am thankful for:
1. My kids.
2. Our health.
3. My husband (Today 5 years married :-D)
4. Good friends.
5. My happiness

Linda SS said...

I'm thankful for:

1) My faith, salvation, and religious upbringing
2) My entire family and their good health.
3) My friendships
4) My home, car, jobs & material items that God has provided us with.
5) My interests & talents.

Brenda said...

Five things I'm thankful for:
1.God's faithfulness
2. amazing hubby & kids
3. dear friends
4. health...waiting for surgery date!
5. stamping...such a FUN hobby!
Thanks for this chance to win sweet candy! Love your are so creative!
~Brenda H.

Pat said...

- My daughter
- My family and our love for each other
- My extended family and friends that are always there when I need them most
- My faith
- My life style, having a job I like and a comfortable home

scfranson said...

I'm thankful for God in my life, my husband, my children, animals and nature.

Angel Wilde said...

You already have more than five. hehehe
1. Jesus!
2. Hubby
3. Kids
4. Friends
5. Health

Cindy Vernon said...

Hmmm, 5 things that I am thankful for.
1. My family which includes my husband and baby boy.
2. My health - had some health issues but I am all better.
3. My job - I have a wonderful job, that actually pays the bills.
4. That I have found a hobby that I love and makes me happy.
5. My friends who always support me.

JenMarie said...

I just found your blog from one of your cards posted on SCS!
I'm thankful for:
1. My Savior Jesus
2. My amazing husband
3. We both have wonderful families
4. My kitty cat!
5. chocolate! ;)

Sue Elwart said...

1.....forgiveness for all my human errors and sins.
2.....appreciation for the beauty aound me, in people and in nature
3.....laughter (too many times it has saved my sanity, try it some time), of friends family and even the passing stranger who smiles and nods
5.....peace, even it only happens in small snatches...peace of heart and mind are wonderful, and peace on earth is a constant prayer

Lilian said...

1. i'm thankful for my faith- saving grace is truly amazing
2. my husband
3. my family
4. church community
5. FOOD! :)

nettystamps said...

Okay let's see....
1. The ability I have to worship a God as I choose and those who make it possible.
2. My husband.
3. My 4+1 children...four I gave birth to, one that my son fell in love with and added to my family.
4. My brand new granddaughter.
5. My entire family's health.

Does that sound corney or what? But I am very grateful for all that I have. Thank you for helping me to remember all that I have! :)

Claudia said...

I am most thankful for my family and my improved health. Also, for the comfortable life I have, my wonderful friends, and my job.

Dawn Marie said...

I am thankful for:
1. My husband,he is the best and takes great care of us all!!
2. My kids, without them I would feel so empty and lost!
3. My FRIENDS, they have helped me through the worst times in my life and have understood me!!
4. Our health, we have had some small issues but overall are greatfull.
5. My hobbies, they help me get through minor problems in life but always remind me of the GREAT things I am cherished to have!!

Anonymous said...

1) for a decent place to live, otherwise known as a roof over your head, 2) clean water to drink 3) hot running water as well 4) plenty of food available to us 5) the availability to visit a doctor or hospital when needed.

Why? because too many people in many countries do not even have this. These are the simple things in life that we take for granted, and our lives are filled with so much more than this. It makes me stop and think.