Friday, November 16, 2007

I Know, "Post Something Will Ya!"

Lorien left me a comment telling me to post something...honestly I haven't really made much! I have been so busy the last 2 weeks in the evening that I haven't sat in my chair downstairs to create. BUT, as Lorien knows, tonight I have three friends coming over (including her) and we are going to stamp all night. SO, I will have several things to post soon. What is on my To Do List you ask? 1) Do my swaps for DKOS#15 and I think I am in 3 groups for that one... 2) Work on a birthday gift for a friend....
3) Start 3 Christmas gifts...
SO...I won't be able to show you the Christmas gifts till after the holidays because 2 of the gals who are getting them occasionally check my blog...I won't be able to show you the birthday gift because she is also a blog reader so you have to wait till December to see that...But really, with 3 cards to work on I'll have some things to share. The only problem is that since Lorien will be here tonight, she will have already seen the cards!

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SueB said...

I almost emailed you the same thing - lol! So upload, will ya?!
Sue B of