Tuesday, October 09, 2007

We All Gotta Have A Hobby

Some people may actually think it is weird that I spend my free time rubberstamping...why not sewing or knitting they may say....but hey, everyone has gotta have a hobby. Why not rubber stamping? My husband has several outdoorsy type of hobbies. He is not your typical hunting or fishing type of guy but rather gardening and bees. Yes, bees. He has sevearl honeybee hives in our backyard and several more at a friend's house down the road. He gets looks when people hear about the bees. Mainly looks that say, "Are you crazy?" But he loves it. Lately he has taken to removing honeybee nests from buildings. He has done 2 removals this summer so I thought I would share a photo of a bunch of bees that took up residence in an apartment building...amazing!

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http://stampinbee.typepad.com/ said...

WOW- so very cool looking! I had to show my 11year old son. TFS