Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blog Candy of My Own

What is "Blog Candy"? Well a reader to a blog happens upon a contest wherein you must answer a question and post it to the blog in question. The blog author will draw a name to determine the winner and then the winner receives the "candy" or prize! Pretty easy. They are all over the stamping blog's I read and recently I won off of Lorien's blog, so I am doing a contest of my own.
The prize will be a bottle of Stickles (glitter/paint all in one) and some punched scalloped squares made with my new Marvy Punches. The Stickles is the color "Purple" and the squares will be punched out of Elegant Eggplant and you will get 10 of each size shown here. So here are the rules:
1- Be sure you comment to this post about the following question:
"What is the most romantic thing your husband has ever done for you?"
2- I'm giving you a whole week to comment so you can really think on it! The deadline is Tuesday, January 30. I'll draw the winner sometime in the afternoon of the 31st.
3- You have to check back here to see if you win!
Good luck!


Renee said...

The most romantic thing was the day he proposed to me. He had it all arranged at this fancy restaurant. When we arrived there were 5 or 6 different flower (roses) arrangements all around our table. It was totally beautiful. He then got down on his knee and proposed right there in front of everyone. He actually had a tears in his eyes. Of course I said 'yes' and the rest is history. My DH does romantic things quite often for me like bringing me flowers, making dinners, sending me cards, etc. but that was, by far, the most romantic.
This is fun. Thanks for doing this.
Have a stamp-a-riffic day!
aka: happystamper05 on SCS

Allison said...

I know this will sound lame on some level but...oh, well! Anyway, I always hearken to the first three weeks of our relationship. He helped me move into a new apartment (after ending a horrible relationship), painted and cleaned my apartment and came to my brother's wedding (where my ex-BF and his parents were guests) with all the pressures of being "on-stage". I thought that I better snag this one if I knew what was good for me!

Colleen said...

The most romantic thing he did for me was the way he proposed to me. Being a huge hockey fan (me) he was able to get center ice between periods at our local AHL team game. He arranged with the promoters to have me led on ice blind folded and when my blindfold was removed he was on one knee with a dozen roses. In the stands were a large group of our family and friends holding signs that said: Will you marry me Colleen? How could I say no! :-)

Claudia said...

My husband has done so many romantic things over the 34 years that we have been married that it's hard to choose one (or to remember all of them.) I'd have to say one of favorites was a Valentine's Day card he made for me. It was very simple but he wrote a beautiful poem in it for me.

sue b said...

There's 26+ years worth of remembering special occasions with cards and flowers but maybe it's the special "one rose" bouquet we have a little grin about ... how to pick only one?!

Lorien Clark said...

Romantic? What is that? He's bought me flowers a few times but only when I was mad at him. For our 5 year he did take me out to the Melting Pot and bought me a new wedding ring.

Michelle said...

This is a toughie because mike is not a romantic, he's pragmatic.
Last year, I was going to Utah by myself, I was very anxious about the whole thing. I had to be at the airport 2 hours prior to the flight leaving. Well, as the plane is taxi-ing I look out the window and see him on the bridge at the airport, standing by himself. He literally waited for my flight to leave before he left. When i looked in my purse, there was a note that said,"Michelle, I want you to have the best time! But if you decide you can't do it and want to get off the plane, I'll be here. I won't leave until the plane is in the air. I love you, Mike" I was crying my eyes out! I have anxiety disorder to travelling by myself is a huge deal and it was very comforting to know he would be there. He understands me.