Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Paper bag scrapbook?

Yup, what will people think of next? A mini scrapbook made from lunch bags! Here is the cover of my first paper bag book. If you can't see the title in the hardware frame, it says "sisters". The book has photos of my girls together. The first two pages shows each of them seperate and alone and then subsequent pages have Megan and Brooke together, Kira and Megan, Kira and Brooke. The journaling is done on tags that are stored in the open end of the bags. It really is turning out cute! I used the hostess level 1 Simply Scrappin Kit and there is TONS left over. You can easily do say 4-6 of these books from one kit. HMMMM, I see a class idea in my future!


Lorien said...

Please tell me it really wasn't 3:19 am our time when you posted this. When are you sleeping girl? You better be up now and registering for regionals!

Crystal said...

It wasn't 3:19...I think it was 6:19...couldn't sleep again. I don't know how to make the time counter on this site work correctly.

Lorien said...

Oh it is gorgeous!