Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm An Affirmation Kinda Gal

I'll admit it, I desire a "thank you" from my husband for merely bringing the groceries in. I'd like it even more if he would tell me how cheerfully I do it, how beautiful I look while doing it and that by just watching me bring the groceries in, he is reminded how thankful he is that he chose ME out of all the women out there! But, realistically I know a "thank you" is about as far as it will go! I love affirmation. We have recently read the book "The 5 Love Languages" and it was no task for me to declare out loud that my primary love language is "Words Of Affirmation". So, when I opened an envelope in the mail this week and this was looking back at me, I puffed up my chest and grinned....My up, up, up line has been sending these out for awhile now. I think I have collected 3 or 4 of them. This quarter she indicated I was #4 in her downline for sales. I am not sure how many she has in her downline, but currently but when I saw her this summer she said about 100. Thanks to all my great customers and especially my stamp club members-many of whom have been stamping with me for 2-3 years!


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Kristine said...

WOW...that's so neat!! :o) Congrats on all your hard work! It really compliments you well! ;o) heehee. Oh! and it really needs a frame around that baby and hung only in the most viewed place in your home for all to see!! No...I'm not being sarcastic!! When I got my "Senior Associate" Certficate (back when I was a demo) I framed it and hung it right near our front door so my customers could see it!! :o) I'm with you... Affirmation to the "T".